The world of Kvadrat fabrics!

The wonderful world of Kvadrat fabrics!

Shoreditch Design Rooms has a close relationship with a whole range of different fabric companies – from large, multi-nationals to small, independent designers. Here are just a small selection of who we work with: Bute, Eleanor Pritchard, Kvadrat, A Rum Fellow, Camira, Timorous Beasties, Liberty Art Fabrics, Crest Leather, Lewis & Wood, Chrisopher Farr, Flock

Even though we are happy to undertake jobs where the client supplies the fabric, it is usually in our client’s best interests to purchase their fabrics through us as we are likely to be able to offer by far the best rate.

We are more than happy to give any advice on fabrics for all types of projects: from small jobs for private clients to large commercial installations. We love to talk fabrics!

Whether it is wool, leather, velvets, cottons or sheepskins, in any colour, we will break down the pros and cons of using it for your individual projects – from a design, look and feel point of view but also from a practical standpoint: is it adaptable enough to create the shapes and to get the exact finish you want to achieve with your furniture? Will it be hard-wearing enough, how long will it last?

From £5 a metre to £500 per metre, the cost of fabrics vary enormously, but if you’re creating a special piece of furniture it’s always worth finding a special fabric.

Get in CONTACT and we can start talking fabrics!


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