Student Stories: the amazing Romen Gouveia

STUDENT STORIESThis month we talked to past student Romen Gouveia, Artist and Designer based in Clerkenwell, London.

When did you study at SDR and on which courses?

In 2014/15 I completed the Level 2 AMUSF course and for the last year I’ve attended the leisure classes to learn  modern upholstery and master the use of foam.

Where are you working now and what are you up to this month?

I’m in the process of opening my own studio at home in Clerkenwell where I will be using my digitally printed  imagery on textiles to create headboards, cushions, bar stools, chairs… I have not defined this 100% yet.

I have been quite busy preparing my application for my masters in Furniture Design at Central Saint Martins, it was quite overwhelming! I had to go back through 8 years of my life from beginning to end. It was quite interesting to see that when I was doing my foundation in Fine Arts at Islington College (2008/9) I was using found chairs to make sculptures, I used to deconstruct them and reconstruct them in my own 2

What did you you come away with from the course at Shoreditch Design Rooms?

During my BA in Fine arts at Goldsmiths I start to build installations using mirrors, paintings, drawings and photographing them … so my images were born. Thats when I started to print my images digitally onto textiles. At SDR I am acquiring the skills I need to be able to apply my work to upholstery and subsequently move into Furniture Design. So SDR is a preparation for something else. The amount of knowledge you leave the course with is huge.

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Did the experience open your eyes to new things?
It definitely has introduced me to the world of design, that for so long I use to deny as an artist, but now I am embracing it.

What advice would you give to new students – things to do alongside the course or ways to extend your learning?
It depends what you intend to do after the course,whether you are doing the course to be an upholsterer or learning a skill to add to something else. In my case I always had in mind to use the course as a bridge from art to design. So now I am applying to do my Master in Furniture Design.
Is SDR like other places you have trained? 
No, it is like a little family. SDR is a very special place, with special students and teachers.

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