SDR News – September

NEWS     September is always a busy month as it’s when we start a whole new year of upholstery courses and invite a whole new batch of students through the door to start their year with SDR.

It was also fun to see the faces of returning students as they stepped through the door this month to be greeted by various summer upgrades – downstairs in the SDR studio and upstairs in the school. I was expecting the odd “well I really like what you’ve done with the place” type comments at the new “feature wall” in the school but wasn’t quite so ready for the audible whoops of joy and actual stroking of the new industrial steel racking in the studio. Storage solutions – it’s a big deal.

So Nic’s Stage 1 class, all brand new students, all very keen to begin their upholstery journeys got a bit of a surprise when they turned up for their first ever class this month. The first class of the year always involves a “modern exercise piece” which is generally done on a load of old exercise frames. This year we decided to switch things up and having spoken to the people at the marvellous Long White Cloud café we presented our 7 students with 7 drop in dining seats from the café for them to cover in the owner’s chosen fabric. Oh and they had one day to complete the 7 seats as the café needed them back! (just to be clear, no money exchanged hands here! As it was just an experiment to see if our new students could do it and just thought it would be much more interesting practice than on exercise frames).


Stage 1, first ever class, get to work on the cafe’s dining seats!

With Nic guiding them through it, Enrique, Emma, Carla, Brooke, Lizzie, Lucy and Sadie all got down to work – first day with a staple gun and their first client waiting! The results were spectacular! Check out the pics…











And the finished chairs now back in the café looking great!

And the finished chairs now back in the café looking great!

The owner was totally delighted with her new chairs and couldn’t believe they had been done in a day by students on their first day…well done to all involved!

So we’re off to a great start all round. Gareth Rees has joined the SDR teaching team and is putting the Stage 3’s and conversion course students through their paces (more from Gareth in the October Regulator) and Louise has already cracked out one of her legendary sewing classes to the Stage 2 class.

We have very exciting news about a new set of Embroidery courses with the famous Laura Lees which is due to happen across a weekend in November (exact date tbc but please register your interest with us asap). Working with Laura is a fantastic opportunity and we’ll help you get your own embroidered designs upholstered onto your own bespoke piece of furniture by the end of the weekend. For all the details please click HERE

Lastly, we’ll also be starting up a set of caning courses again at SDR  and will release news on this very soon!





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