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With the students on holiday, we’re cracking out lot of jobs in the workshop – and we’re working on some interesting things at the moment: some hair-on-hide cushions, a Barcelona chair and a nice Danish, mid-century sofa are all up on the bench right now getting a lot of good care and attention!

Danish Mid Century Sofa in the SDR Studio (with Nic!)

Danish Mid Century Sofa in the SDR Studio (with Nic!)

Barcelona Chair on the bench at SDR

Barcelona Chair on the bench at SDR

2017 / 18 SDR School Year

We’re hard at work putting together lots of exciting improvements to both the school and studio space: new fabric racks, painted floors, more compressed air, new storage, (even a new lunchtime café service is being talked about!). It’s going to be a good year.

We’ve confirmed some very exciting Talks and Visits for all our students signed up to our courses from Sept, including trips to both Vitra in Clerkenwell and to the fantastic Kvadrat building in Shoreditch.

Kvadrat building, Shoreditch

Kvadrat building, Shoreditch

We’re also speaking to a range of furniture and product designers and various very interesting fabric companies to come and deliver Talks at SDR as part of our Design Series – we’ve got a very busy year ahead!

SDR Results!

The results that SDR students received from the AMUSF for our 2015/16 accredited courses were phenomenal! We’re very proud of both the amazing quality but also the levels of creativity. Providing our students with experience, knowledge and expertise on one hand whilst encouraging them to think for themselves and be creative on the other is the basis of what we try to do here at Shoreditch Design Rooms.

So our students getting such high marks and recognition for their work from the AMUSF (some of the best in the country), gives us the confidence to keep doing what we’re doing! For pics of all our student’s furniture, have a look through our Gallery by clicking HERE


Louise's famous selfie skills

Louise’s famous selfie skills at the Open Day

One of the key things we’ve always tried to do here is to nurture a creative community and our end of year show on July 17th really was testament to this! The sun shone, special prizes were handed out by both Kvadrat and Liberty London, a fair amount of Pickering’s Gin was drunk and a lot of furniture admiring took place from friends and family.

“So this is what you’ve been doing for the last year!” echoed around the building all day…

It was a great day and it was fantastic to see everyone’s work looking so great.

SDR Courses this September

If you would like to join the Shoreditch Design Rooms family, then we do have some spaces across our AMUSF accredited classes (Stage 1 to 3) and offer these either as daytime or evening courses. We also have one or two spaces lefte on one of our evening leisure classes – we are going to start promoting this soon, so if you’re reading this and fancy booking yourself a spot, then please do get in touch very soon as we’re likely to be completely full quite soon.

All our new courses begin in September. Please mail with any enquiries.

Level 1

Stage 1 stars: Tanya, Jules and Bea


The masses gather...

Louise holding court…








Our Claire...with the world famous celebrity that is Eroc

Our Claire…with the world famous celebrity that is Eroc (that’s not a spelling mistake)





Linda alone through the letterbox

Linda alone through the letterbox

And now…a good old CAPTION COMPETITION. Last month, a visitor got no answer when they knocked on the SDR door so they carefully peered through the letterbox to see if anyone was in…and this is what they saw (see pic above) – make sure you zoom in to see the facial expression. Linda…all alone…

Send your caption entries to and the winner will receive a lovely box of SDR branded pins! Results will be posted on Facebook…




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